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The Spanish insurance company Divina Pastora has included in its coverage policies the Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for trisomies and sexual aneuploides Tranquility by Genoma.

This is an important achievement for future mothers and parents all over the country. Divina Pastora offers in Spain the most complete insurance for health care. From January 2016 the insured pregnant women will henceforth benefit full coverage for Tranquility, the most complete non-invasive fetal DNA test for fetal trisomies and microdeletions, 100% safe.

Tranquility is performed by Genoma in its highly efficient Next-Generation Sequencing platform and it complies with the most stringent quality standards, laws and directives of Switzerland and of the European Union. To know more about how to benefit from the coverage it is possible to contact Divina Pastora or Genoma’s office in Spain at 917 816 110 /

With Tranquility, a simple blood draw suffice to know the baby’s risk of having a chromosomal disorder and avoid unnecessary and risky amniocentesis in case of a negative result.