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This year the winners of the Breast Cancer Marathon of Vilnius, in Lithuania, will win also a Serenity test, the DNA screening test to detect ovarian and breast cancer predisposition.

1500 women are expected to take part to the fourth Vilnius “pink” Marathon at Vingis Park. More and more popular, the event aims to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and the importance of taking care of your health.

To contribute to this major meeting and sustain its believe that early detection of actionable mutations is vital for cancer prevention, Genoma will offer Serenity to the winners of the two distances (6 and 3 km) and will be present in the exibit hall of the Marathon, to provide women and their families information on prevention and on the test.

Serenity is non-invasive, painless and fast test, performed by a simple buccal swab, that detects BRCA mutations: genetical mutation in the genes called BReast CAncer1 and BReast CAncer2, whuch lead to an increased risk to develop a cancer.

Nowadays, leaders in science advocate for BRCA1and BRCA2 genetic screening for every woman above the age of 30 as part of routine medical care.

Early detection of BRCA mutations saves lives and allows tailored treatment strategies and personalized therapies.

Indeed, breast cancer is the most lethal malignancy in women across the world and the most common cancer in Europe with growing incident rates. Identifying BRCA mutations enables preventive personalized actions best suited for the identified mutation resulting in vastly improved survival rates and better quality of life.