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Welcome Dear Readers!

This blog is intended to establish an accessible communication channel in an easy and spontaneous style. We will share information, quotes, events and breaking news in the field of genomics and predictive medicine, including screening tests, prevention  and genetic medical research.

Let’s begin with presentations:

Set up in Geneva, Switzerland, Genoma is specialized in genomics and predictive medicine. Its laboratory can count on the largest bioinformatics platform in Europe, specialized in genetic analysis and diagnostic tests.  Under the direction of Dr. Thomas Rio-Frio,  PhD in Human Molecular Genetics, this platform is equipped with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) state-of-the art technology and offers a unique portfolio of exclusive new-generation genetic tests such as Tranquility(Non-Invasive Prenatal Test) and Serenity (breast and ovarian cancer risk screening test).

CEO of Esperite, Dr. Frederic Amar achieved a degree in Pharmacy and in Crystallography and has an outstanding expertise in the business world. His charisma and vision converge into a new era of personalized medicine:

«Technological advancements in Predictive and Regenerative Medicine allow us to provide the most advanced screening tests, with an accuracy and fast results that we never could have dreamt of.» (Dr. Frederic Amar, CEO Genoma)

Genoma is part of the Esperite Group. Operating in more than 30 countries in the sector of  Sciences of Life and Health, it is a leader in predictive and regenerative medicine. The Group is organized in three main branches: stem cell processing and cryopreservation, predictive genomic medicine, transnational research and regenerative medicine R&D.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we officially declare  this dialog box open!

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