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Coping with pregnancy during summer can be tiring, in fact it takes even the smallest effort to feel immediately breathless. With the heat the legs are swollen and heavy and due to the enlargement of the uterus that makes the venous return more difficult, there is a sense of heaviness in the lower limbs.
But how can this be remedied? Following find some tips…


Here is what we recommend to help you feel more comfortable during the summer months:

1) Do not go out during the hottest hours

Avoid staying on the beach or going out during the hottest hours of the day. The heat puts the blood circulation even more to the test. Take advantage of this period of peace to rediscover the pleasure of the afternoon siesta at home or in the shade of a fresh pine forest.

2) Swollen feet and hands, walking is the solution!

Avoid standing still for a long time and generally avoid a sedentary lifestyle: it is very good to take a walk every day. If you are at sea, it is better to walk in the water, preferably in the early hours of the morning.

3) Dress with natural fibers

No to tight-fitting clothes in synthetic fabrics, yes to natural fibers and dresses with soft lines. Have you ever felt that you miss the air just because you wear a very tight garment? Think how amplified this feeling in pregnancy and then in summer, with the heat and the belly!

4) When you are in the sun: protect the skin with a cream, especially on the face

The first precaution is to sunbathe gradually and moderately, avoiding to bask like a lizard. The second is to go to the beach early in the morning, until 11, and then return to the beach after 4 pm: in fact, in the central hours the sun is more aggressive. Third rule: always protect the skin with a cream with a high sunscreen, especially on the face, subject to stains.

5) Eat lots of fruit and vegetables to replenish the mineral salts 

During pregnancy it is easier to be subjected to cramps because the magnesium and the mineral salts that we absorb are used for the growth of the child. So it is good to consume foods rich in magnesium such as vegetables, green leafy vegetables, chocolate.

6) Drink lots of water because it helps you replenish fluids lost in sweat 

Food is one of the best allies to avoid dehydration, especially in summer. One of the fruits useful to combat dehydration is watermelon. It contains 95% of water and has very few calories (40 per 100 grams).

7) No to abundant meals

Better keep light by choosing fresh food and making more snacks during the day. Fatty foods or overly seasoned dishes would only increase the sense of weightiness of pregnancy in summer.

8) If in a plane, get up every half hour

Here is the checklist for those planning an airplane trip.

  • During the flight, remember to drink. It is good for circulation;
  • Try to sit in a place where you can move, then along the corridor;
  • Stand up often and walk a few minutes every half hour;
  • When you are sitting, make circular movements with your toes;
  • Fasten the seat belt under the belly.

9) Do gymnastics

Except for pregnancies at risk, doing physical activity in the nine months is recommended: it promotes circulation, keeps weight under control and makes childbirth easier.

10) Summer is the season of the senses 

If there are no medical contraindications, having sexual intercourse during pregnancy is good. For at least two reasons: it is good for the mood of future parents and prepares for delivery because it keeps the pelvic muscles elastic and trained. And do not be afraid for the child: if the mother is well, the baby is fine too.